Premonitions Gallery

Deadly Borrachero Tree flowers- source of the Black Breath Drug

Captain Gilbert Schelden’s barge the ‘Greta Marie’

Mansion Staircase

Breathtaking view of the Mansion Staircase inside Dr. Blake Falkland’s home.

Cartegena Columbia

Back alley in Cartagena, Columbia where the Nemesis changed his appearance after narrowly escaping the police.

restaurant scene

Table setting at the Barbacoa Steakhouse at the Occidental Grand Cartagena Resort

Sun Dancer "Jackie"

Sun Dancer “Jackie”

Connie Bristol examines Lori Baker in the Morgue
Poolside at the Occidental Grand Resort where The Nemesis meets Elena – ‘Blonde Streak’
Alejandro Mendez’s breathtaking garden in the secluded Cartagena countryside
Crime scene tape found frequently though out Winnetka as the Nemesis reeked havoc executing his plan
The Taormina flower used by the Nemesis to gain the confidence of Graciela
Jim & Lori Baker’s secluded cabin in the Wisconsin woods

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